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About Sai Services

We invest highly in providing the best Water Tank Cleaning and Bird Netting Service. Along with that, we make sure that our anti bird netting service do the task of bird proofing very efficiently.

Our Bird netting services are very popular in Pune. Pune is a hub of commercial industries and big residential buildings as well as huge localities which create the demand for bird proofing and anti-bird products all across Pune. Our network is spread all across Pune which increases our client list at the very rapid fast rate. Besides our services like residential, society and industrial bird nets; we are also well known for our bird Spikes all over Pune. Our bird spikes, with the help of our well-skilled workers, are very easy to install which is a part of our unique services. We also deliver our bird spikes as per the need and convenience of our customers and clients. They are protected by tinted UV shields that protect them from excess climatic changes, especially in the sun. These can also be protected by extreme climatic conditions like rain, wind and the dust.

Quality Service Provider


Our focused water tank cleaning service in Pune is reliable solution for removing impurities such as sand, mud, algae, moss, viruses and bacteria from tank. These services are ideal for underground and overhead water tanks can be availed at industry in leading price. We use modern machines and equipment including high pressure jet cleaners, UV radiation sources, bio-sanitizers, etc. to ensure the elimination of all the contaminants from tank. We provide you with best and long-lasting solutions for undergone and overhead tank cleaning in pune so that the water you use is free from algae, dirt, sludge and is not contaminated and will keep you and your family away from diseases. For the hard water containing solvents, then you need to clean your tank more often, at least more than once or twice a year. And to ensure better and effective cleaning you can hire professional water tank cleaners, because they have trained employees and proper equipment to clean overhead water tank.